Our team of analysts specializes in researching securities of target industries and companies to provide investment recommendations. They extrapolate and interpret company data using various analytical on trading portals.

The employ various statistical software programs to develop financial models to analyse company financial statements to derive a target price. This information is used to write research reports and publications that is presented to management.

The proactively monitor financial services industry activities and current events.


Our professional traders specialize in taking and implementing trade orders around the clock in different market regions using our proprietary trading platform ML Trader and the internationally recognized trading platforms. MT4 & MT5, Bloomberg Terminal, IRESS and Real tick.

Our traders are adept in deploying various trading strategies such as long/short, dark pool, Iceberg, swing trades, scalping, day trading or trading signals.


There are significant risks associated with trading in financial markets and therefore it is crucial to manage risk effectively. Risk management entails identifying, controlling and minimizing the risk exposure and our risk team works diligently in balancing our portfolio risk.

Risk Management is integrated in the core of our operation wherein we establish and continuously monitor parameters. We augment our process to meet the nuances of the asset classes that comprise our portfolio.

Our risk management team uses various tools to proactively monitor the portfolio. They also provide incisive analysis and forecasting on geopolitical and security issues while maintaining awareness to regulatory changes.

The risk management is employed across all facets of our business both internally and externally.