Trading equities can potentially generate above average returns and sustainable returns in the longer term compared to other investments.

We trade both short- and long-term investments in equities listed on US, UK, EU, China and Hong Kong exchanges.

Our selection process focuses on companies with strong balance sheets, quality business models and good management as well as running event driven strategies.

We conduct valuation analysis on each security relative to its historical range, industry peers, growth rates and the market trends.

Fundamental analysis is focused on monitoring growth rates in projected earnings per share and enterprise value of each companies’ securities in our portfolio.


We actively trade FOREX taking advantage of its liquidity and high intraday volatility.

The high liquidity and volume combined with low comparative margin requirements makes the FOREX Market lucrative.


We trade the liquid energy and precious metal commodities such as oil and gold to diversify our proprietary portfolio.


We trade derivative instruments such as call and put options and futures contracts to hedge our risk exposure or take advantage of the market spreads.