Match Liquidity DMCC has developed its own proprietary financial trading technology allowing it to facilitate pricing and trading capabilities across a number of established trading platforms including its own bespoke Multi Asset Trading platform Global Trader as well as across Meta Quotes MT4 and MT5. Allowing the capability to trade 25,000 worldwide equities on a cash as well as on leverage basis across all major global exchanges, all futures pricing across all exchanges, currencies, fixed income and commodities. These platforms are further supported by our own bespoke CRM system, Client Portal app and IB portals puts Match Liquidity DMCC as one of the leading world financial technology solutions and liquidity provider.

In addition to the provision of trading platforms and supporting technology Match Liquidity DMCC is an established proprietary trading firm specializing in trading Cash / SWAP Equities, Forex and various derivatives instruments through OTC or on Major Regulated Exchanges.


Our mission is to improve our expertise and consistently deliver results in all segments of trading in FX, Equities, Commodities and Derivatives Instruments using latest technology in trading that employs the state-of-the art e-trading methods.